Adventures, Memories, And Mayhem

Fly Like Amelia

She’s Got A Lot Of Stories


Beginning Of A Bad Decision
Forever Wasn’t Built In A Day
Mother’s Day Card
Road Trippin’
Far Side of Innocence
American Backyard
One Things for Certain
I Put Her Name on My Boat
Remember the 1990’s
The Best Advise I’ll Never Remember

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We Did It Once
The Story of Us
We Loved Anyways
Goodbyin’ Eyes
Long Story Longer
Let’s Ride
Bundles of Pictures
Distilled Delusions
Memories of Yesterday
It’s Own Story To Tell
Blended Family
Before We Were Us

Gettin’ My Give A Damn Back
Town and Country
Every Heart Has A Story
Open Hand
I Met An Angel Today
Gypsy Girl
Can’t Love You Into Loving Me
Fallin’ is Easy
The Bottom of My Broken Heart
That Kind of Love
Beautifully Unbroken
Love Needs The Two Of Us
She Ain’t Done Cheatin’
Tequila Talkin’
Yesterday Ain’t My Day
I Can’t Take Me Anywhere
Good at Livin’
After The Song Has Been Sung
Katie and Jack
Crazy Looks Good On You
Indian Summer
The Way Those Jeans Fit
Childhood Memories (Male Voice)
Childhood Memories (Female Voice)
I Dreamed of You
To Be Free
Welcome Her Home
Welcome Him Home
Fly Like Amelia (Female Vocals)
Bridge of Trust
Over You
The Way I’m seeing it (Male Vocals)
The Way I’m Seeing it (Female Vocals)
Delta Grace
Brother’s Together
She’s Got a Lot of Stories
Trivia Jim
Girl in a Cowboy Hat
Tattoo Love
The Vine Whisperer
Incognita With You
Good Intentions And The Truth
Gettin’ By Free
Serendipity, My Old Guitar And Me
While We’re Young
Highway 99
Deer Blind Blues
Kind Regards
Mayhem Days
Pink and Blue
Dream Train
Air Traffic Controller