Mayhem Lane is available for private parties, concerts, music festivals, corporate gigs and special events.

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Invite us to your next corporate or family/friends event. Live on stage or virtual using Zoom, GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts. This is where the music begins and ends with your very own, unique song. We would love to perform live or virtual in your conference room, living room or music venue. We’ll begin by playing our custom set list to get you warmed up and in tune! Then we will create an opportunity for you to keep the music flowing and your team building experience at its peak. Mayhem Lane will create an interactive Performance with audience participation. One liners, tag lines and any ideas that are floating around, we will build it into your own song. 

Have a blast with our band as we write your theme song together on the fly or create your corporate jingle, anything is possible! We will build a song and play it on the spot. We will follow up with a recording, lyrics and a chord chart. Q&A to individual band members and hear the founders story of the making of her music and the Industry today. A unique teaching experience to tap into your creative side and embrace a new and powerful idea. Bring us your theme and ideas and leave the rest to us! Live performance offers the opportunity for participants to play an instrument and sing along. 
It all begins with a song! 

“My brain hums with scraps of poetry and madness.”
– Virginia Woolf 


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